Our real enemy 



Human is the most perfect creature in the earth,human can think,human can cry,human can laugh,human can do unbelievable things that other creatures can’t. But there’s a thing also that human can’t do the ability that other creature can such as survive in extreme weather,regenerate faster than human,fly in the open sky,etc.

Human have a very complex system in their body. They have skeletal system which is in adult human body consist 206 bones,digestive system,muscular system,nerve system,lymphatic system,cardiovascular system,reproduction system.

The most and still mysterious part in human body until now is BRAIN and its part of the nervous system in human body,the human brain still unpredictable.The scientist still put this brain experiment and investigation in a big Question. The scientist can reveal what and which part of the brain function BUT the scientist still can’t reveal the ability of the brain such as what or where it came from ( the power of future prediction,telepathic ability,the power of  curing other people,etc ). Human in the earth have a lot of process evolution since million of years ago till now and of course the brain also came a long  as a big part in this evolution.


The six enemies of human being is inside of their body and its came from the brain its self.The brain can do and cost many things that you cannot guess if its out of control.The six enemies cannot be eliminated or destroyed BUT it can be controlled and they are :

1. Sexual Urge.

The sexual urge is in every creature in the earth and the most wild is in the animal. The human sexual urge can be also out of control and of course it will cost the human it self in the loss situation or bad situation IF this human always changing partners all the time. The cost of this sexual urge is a disease or even death. The way to control it is really depend on the human it self. Do learn more about yoga and do more the positive thing with partner and do only make love with 1 partner.

2. Anger

Anger is the most dangerous thing in every creature in the world. It can cost a destruction and also death. Anger is normal as long as in control. To control it very easy please try this step :

  • Breathe deeply, from your diaphragm; breathing from your chest won’t relax you. Picture your breath coming up from your “gut.”
  • Slowly repeat a calm word or phrase such as “relax,” “take it easy.” Repeat it to yourself while breathing deeply.
  • Use imagery; visualize a relaxing experience, from either your memory or your imagination.
  • Non strenuous, slow yoga-like exercises can relax your muscles and make you feel much calmer.

when you follow this step you will find a big glory for your self that you can conquer your own anger.

3. Greed

Every human and animal have the same character and that character is greed. Greedy in the human being still more flexible than animal. The human being in this earth controlled by their own greed to survive and this a normal behavior and its natural. The costs of this greed usually can harm other humans and even costs the death if it out of control. For example government. There are no government who’s not greedy in this present time. Some greedy for nice position,some greedy for money and etc. The cost of this character are the third party that they will get the bad influence from the greedy humans, just like the innocent citizen where their government did big corruption.How to control it ? Its back again to human it self how they want to control it,whether in a good way or bad way. And how about you ???

4. Temptation

This kind enemy is affiliate with greedy and sexual urge.In order to avoid greedy and sexual urge, human need to manage the temptation surround them whether they follow it or ignore it. In this world humans facing a lot of temptation such as money temptation,girl temptation,food temptation,etc.When the human fell down on it, they will be satisfied and happy but if its out of control sometime it can cost bad also for the human it self. SO HOW TO CONTROL IT ? Human need to be more careful and more selective about it and of course mind control is the priority. 

5. Ego

Humans it self has their own ego and this ego came from their pride such as proud of their self because other can’t do what they did,proud of their self because their the most rich than any other human,etc. The Ego also called as drunkenness. It mean when the human reach the most highest ability or situation that other human can’t and when they already feel this highest ability or situation,they start to look down or underestimate any other human who’s lower than them. In this live situation human facing a lot of egoism spreading between the humans it self and the human can do anything about it and of course live still goes on.

6. Jealousy 

The last and the most dangerous is jealousy. WHY ITS DANGEROUS ? Jealousy affiliate with anger and if it out of control,jealous can kill other human being. Jealous create a human action and sometime can be worse and can be good also.The good thing of jealous that it will motivate the human it self to be better and to do better in the future. In the love story in human live we saw a lot of a scenario about jealousy,some human end up in jail and even worse. Jealous can make a human blind,can’t think irrational and full of anger. The way to control it is human should think positive while facing this jealous situation,be communicate and try always ask first or talk first before do the action.

Well that’s the information about the 6 enemies inside the human being, CAN YOU CONTROL IT ?


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